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Individualized Dietary & Herbal Supplements

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Do I Need Supplements?

Knowing What’s Right For You

Does everyone need to take supplements? Not necessarily. How do you know which supplements are right for you? Supplementing with nutrients, vitamins and minerals make sense when you have a known deficiency (for example, vitamin D deficiency), are trying to prevent a chronic disease where the evidence is strong for supplementation (for example-calcium for prevention of osteoporosis), are trying to manage symptoms from a low risk health concern (for example-insomnia) or as part of an overall plan to address a health condition (for example-high blood pressure). Appropriate supplements can also play a role in side effect management and quality of life for patients with cancer or other chronic diseases. It is crucial that supplements be specifically tailored for your needs and be of high-quality, as well as reviewed against any medications you might be taking or health conditions to check for interactions and contra-indications. Supplements can enhance diet changes, exercise programs and lifestyle changes to further help you meet your goals.

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